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Nurse visiting senior patient at home

Victory Home Care, Inc. provides Attendant care which is a no fault benefit that entitles injured accident victims to have nursing care while they are at home recovering from injuries. Attendant care benefits are defined as “activities of daily living,” such as monitoring and supervision for safety reasons, administering medication, bathing, dressing, walking, styling/combing of hair, other grooming, help using the toilet, driving the patient, and fetching things for the patient, carrying and lifting things for the patient and wound care.

Attendant care can be performed by nurses or Home Health Aides. In many instances, people are discharged home and they don’t require the high nursing skill of a registered nurse, but a home health aide can provide the attendant care. If you require Attendant Care, Victory Home Care, Inc. is here to help nurse you back to good health and your no-fault insurance company will pay the bills.